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If you are searching for individual coaching in Guwahati, then your search ends right here !!!


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In individual coaching in Guwahati, children have the opportunity to interact with the teachers directly, its totally one-to-one coaching where only a few students are there accompanied by a teacher. The child feels more confident and comfortable in clearing his/her concepts.


Students studying in a group coaching in Guwahati, dnt have the opportunity to interact directly with a teacher, also all students dnt have the same intellect, so in group tutoring many students dnt gets their doubts cleared.Group tutoring also provides a environment similar to school,with complete chaos and students bunking classes regularly, which is not the case with individual coaching in Guwahati.



Due to the increasing standard of exam questions and the challenging syllabus, private tuitions in Guwahati, are becoming an important aspect for almost every students to excel in their academics.Parents venture out to search for tuitions for their wards, now-a-days parents prefer more on individual coaching in Guwahati. Every child is unique in their own way of thinking, intellact, grasping capabilities. They cannot be campared with other children of his/her class, hence parents prefer more on individual coaching.



Students lacking in schools find individual coaching the best tutoring as it is purely one-to-one tutoring.Parents can monitor the developments of the students more precisely in individual coaching in Guwahati. Individual coaching is very effective for slow learners, teachers go with the pace of the learner.Teachers imparts excellent knowledge and focusses on the key areas where the kids are lagging behind and keeps constantly updating the parents by conveying regular feedbacks.


CALL US :: 700-2344-715 / 967-8948-221



PROPULSION EDUCATION provides excellent  individual coaching in Guwahati. The teacher student ratio is maintained at 1:3. Individual coaching is much more better than group coaching , in individual coaching students can clear all doubts which is not so much possible in group coaching. PROPULSION EDUCATION is the best institute for providing individual coaching in Guwahati.



Individual coaching in Guwahati ,improves students ability in academics, its provides one-to-one coaching to students.PROPULSION also provides individual coaching to JEE/NEET/OLYMPIADS etc for the students who is willing to crack entrance exams.PROPULSION do provides study materials to its students, solving DPPs/ sample papers and many more.


Regular exams being conducted at PROPULSION so that students improves in each and every subjects.PTMs being arranged every month so the interaction between students / teachers / parents remains healthy. A coaching institute can also act as a place where students competes with his/her class mates.Hence students does combined studies with their classmates, they sort out the problems faced by them and hence foster co-ordination that proves to be very effective in Schools. Thus in many cases individual coaching in Guwahati, can be considered as the best choice for both parents and students.


The teachers providing the individual coaching in Guwahati, are excellent in their own way of teaching.PROPULSION manages and arranges all the tutors providing individual coaching in Guwahati. The gurus of PROPULSION are fully dedicated and discipline teachers having more than 15 years of teaching experience in the relevant fields.



CALL US TODAY :: 700-2344-715 / 967-8948-221

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