Best Coaching centres in Guwahati



        Best coaching centres in Guwahati

If you are looking for a best coaching centres in Guwahati ?? Your search ends here !!!


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The best coaching centres in Guwahati, are so many that students should select according to his/her choice. In this competitive World it becomes very difficult to maintain the standards of the institution. With the faculties coming from various states of India, its a real challenge for local teachers as well as for others to beat the heat.


The best coaching centres in Guwahati, have excellent infrastructure, well equipped classrooms, faculties of national repute. The best coaching centres in Guwahati are located in all the busy roads of Guwahati and are well connected from all parts of the city. Students can easily reach the institutes in proper time with cars readily available for their destination.


The best coaching centres in Guwahati, provides excellent study materials of national standards, they also provides bags and uniforms to the students.There are regular classes for 7 days in a week and exams being conducted on the weekend.Students who are serious and work hard comes out with flying colours.


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PROPULSION EDUCATION is one of the best coaching centres in Guwahati,  for providing the individualised coaching in Guwahati. PROPULSION vowed to the World to give the World class knowledge to its pupils. Hence at PROPULSION we give our outmost efforts to bring out the best from each child and they perform the best in their exams and also in their real life exams.


PROPULSION EDUCATION  is one of the best coaching centres in Guwahati, organises regular classrooms programs to the students for Boards, Foundation, Pre- Foundation and entrance examinations.Teachers performs their best methods of teaching so that each students can be able to understand the topic and gets their doubt cleared in classes.




Naturally and obviously the question that comes to anyone’s mind is that ” Why should anyone approach towards Propulsion Education??   ” One of the best coaching centres in Guwahati !!”

Propulsion Education the one of the best coaching centres in Guwahati, has the following distinctive feature which separates itself from the rest.

1) Propulsion Education believes in its quality of education and hence we at Propulsion maintained the student- teacher ratio at 3:1

2) Propulsion Education conducts weekly/ monthly exams and the marks are sent to their respective parents via e- mail, text messages.

3) Propulsion Education provides D.P.Ps  to its students. DPPs / reference books / text books/ question bank  etc are even solved in classes by experienced faculties.

4) Propulsion Education do provides Engineering/ Medical/ Foundation/ Pre foundation/ OLYMPIAD/ NTSE etc to its students who opted for giving entrance examinations.





Hence keeping these points above in the mind of every parents PROPULSION can be treated as one of the best coaching centres in Guwahati. We  at PROPULSION EDUCATION  is constantly working for uplifting its educational standards. With the team of experienced teachers and excellent infrastructure it works for a better World.


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